Web3 Native Funds

Drowning in spreadsheets?

Automate your fund or investment DAO operations

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Cut The Bank Wires

Your wallet is your new bank

Delete The Spreadsheets

Visualize your portfolio across all wallets

Break Up With Your Admin

Trust code, not account managers

How SmartFunds Works

Customize your fund or DAO in 4 easy steps

Connect a new wallet to serve as your fund's ledger

Add your fund details

Set investment parameters

Deploy your fund


Zero Friction Closing

Accept new capital instantly and effortlessly. Approve subscriptions and redemptions in seconds.

One Click NAV Updates

NAV updates shouldn’t take a whole day. Utilize pricing feeds to update AUM in just one click, giving you the freedom to accept contributions anytime.

Track Your Portfolio Value

Track the value of all your wallets’ assets across chains

Accrue Fees Over Time

Track management earnings and withdraw to a wallet or bank account in minutes.


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