Smart Money Financial Services, Inc. Privacy Policy

Smart Money collects the following information: Nothing.

Smart Money uses cookies to track whether you've accepted our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The information is never stored on our servers and the cookie solely resides in yourbrowser to allow skipping of the acceptance screen.

Smart contracts developed by Smart Money track wallet addresses, investment amounts, fee amounts, and capital transfers. This information is never stored on our servers and resides onthe Polygon and/or Ethereum blockchains and their respective test networks.

Fund managers may elect to store encrypted data, of any type, on IPFS through Textile, byusing our websites. The information may include investor names and other details, and is solelyfor the use of making the fund manager's job easier. Encrypted data can only be decrypted andviewed by the fund manager who entered it. Textile's website is at and mayhave its own terms of use, privacy policy, or other agreements.

This privacy policy may change at any time.